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A great way to grow and develop is to become more conscious and to learn by reflecting on lived experience. Reflectivv facilitates this growth - academically, professionally and personally. Reflectivv enables you to securely record your Reflective Practice.

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About Reflectivv

Reflectivv prompts you to identify and reflect on an event that occurred in an academic, professional or personal situation, in order to learn and develop.

The event could be:

  • An event which did not go to plan or one which might have been handled better.
  • An event which went exactly to plan and was a success.
  • A Continuous Professional Development (CPD) event or activity.
  • An event that triggered an emotional response.

You can learn from these events by reflecting on what happened.

These lessons can:

  • Help you identify learning points that can be applied to similar or other sitations in the future.
  • Help you and/or your supervisor(s) to identify your further training needs.
  • Guide you in preparing a Professional Development Plan (PDP).

Reflectivv is an on-the-go mobile tool with universal application to record Reflective Practice. It enables you to capture learning opportunities as they occur, by reflecting on your own unique lived experience.

Features of the app

Created for students and professionals in healthcare, management and teaching, Reflectivv allows you to complete Reflective Practice on-the-go.

Record Reflective Practice
Secure Biometric login
Available on Android & iOS
Capture Main Lessons
Capture Academic References
Export PDF to email

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